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Lilia Luganskaia & Alfred Hitchcock

Hello there webcam owners!

We're happy to announce that you have the possibility to participate in an
arts project by Russian born, Dutch resident artist Lilia Luganskaia. Lilia is
currently at the Rietveld academy of arts in Amsterdam and wants to do an
arts project that involves live video with you as a - possible - participant.

Participation is entirely voluntary, the project  is based on the phenomenon i
of virtual reality and virtual life, which somehow becomes real.

Practical part of project comprises the reconstraction of movie scenes from
the movie "Rear Window" by Alfred Hitchcock.

In the future this project will be presented as an autonomous art piece in cultural
context (in a gallery, artist webpage). We vouch for Lilia with respect to the
legitimacy of this project.

If you wish to participate then you can contact Lilia at,
you will be asked to allow her to use your recorded video imagery, there is
*no* compensation for this other than that you know that you are part of
a living piece of art.

I hope that this will get your interest and that you will participate in Lilia's
project and we wish all of you much good luck and enjoyment with this.

On behalf of

  Jacques Mattheij