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please update your bookmarks and links! Adult Content Policy UPDATED JUNE 2012

For years was an 'anything goes' site, as long as it was legal it was ok with us. Unfortunately this will have to change, please read this page carefully and bookmark it for future reference.

In a nutshell, the reason that we are changing is that by allowing people some leeway some individuals interpreted this as a mandate to engage in harassement and or stalking of our members.

So, here are the new rules, some of them you'll recall from before, some of them are new and are possibly not to your liking. If you feel these terms are not acceptable then we urge you to find any one of the hundreds of sites that cater specifically to adult customers. This never was an adult site and it never will be, so if you're looking for that then please take your business elsewhere.

    - Clean chat means CLEAN CHAT
    - No wanking
    - No crotch shots  
    - No minors in ANY sexual or erotically charged way* (See Note, Bottom of This Page)
    - Don't tell others what to do (No Directing)
    - Don't try to get others to break the rules
    - Nothing that is Illegal in your local jurisdiction
    - No adult content on child-safe cams
    - no prying or trying to get peoples private info

Failure to observe these rules will get you booted immediately.

~We are, for now, still allowing the following:

(When in Adult Mode) - Nudity, and/or walk around in your birthday suit, and/or have sex on cam.

(We draw the line at 'crotch shots' or 'pervasive wanking/masturbatory static-placed shots.' If you feel that the best thing that you can contribute to the site and our users' lives is a close-up of your genitals or you jacking off then we would rather have you leave than stay. Yes, it's your privilege to do what you want in the privacy of your own home but let's just say that we don't think there is any added value to such content. As site owners, we reserve the right to approve or deny content.)

Once you select 'Childsafe Off' you may run into content that offends your sensibilities, please remember that what you think is good and what isn't is likely not exactly the same as what other members of this site feel good about. We are the final arbiters of what content is permitted and what isn't, beyond the usual legal framework as laid down by the laws of the various countries. If something isn't legal in your jurisdiction you probably shouldn't be doing it on camera.


Software exists that captures video streams and that allows these streams to be uploaded to places like youtube and so on. If you are under the impression that your webcam 'performance' is a momentary affair please think again, all it takes is one jerk that feels like posting your latest escapades to youtube and you'll be a star, but maybe not the kind that you had envisioned. This can lead to all kinds of trouble and there usually isn't a thing that we can do about this.

Finally, do not give out *ANY* private information that you wouldn't want to publish in your local newspaper or searchable using google. Especially if you're female you should keep your private information to yourself. Sure it is fun to meet random strangers on the internet, and is an excellent vehicle for doing so. But we have absolutely no way to know who is nice and who is not, there is at least one known case of a woman that found a stranger with less than pure intentions on her doorstep at 4 in the morning. And he seemed like such a nice guy in the chatroom.

None of the cam operators are by any means required to 'perform' in any way, you - even as a paying member to the site - are still a guest in the lives of the Cam operators. An adult cam is simply a cam that will not *always* show content suitable for everyone.

*A short message for child pornographers:

We do not allow ANY content that depicts minors in ANY sexual or erotically charged way, undressed or otherwise. We'd prefer not to have minors use our site at all since it seems to attract a portion of the population that we do not wish to be associated with in any way.

Be advised of the following:

Right now, in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands some pervert is doing multiple years of hard time because we helped law enforcement with tracking them down. Those are the cases that we assisted in that led to an actual conviction that we are aware of, not all countries share the end results of their investigations with us.

We did not just turn over our log files or our archive pictures, we *ACTIVELY* assisted law enforcement in finding these sleazeballs and putting them behind bars. If you feel like spending some significant portion of your life in a prison then by all means do your thing. If not then I suggest you get help in the form of therapy and clean up your act. Children are in my opinion sacred and should be guaranteed safe passage into adulthood without risk of having their futures derailed for the pleasure of others.

Thanks to everybody that commented on the draft of this new policy, and especially to Drod who made a major revision.